About Me

My Background


Growing up I have always had an interest in art and design, I just couldn't think of doing anything else.  Drawing, was something that came naturally to me but it was not really encouraged and as I got older, this love never faded and I went to school to study Fashion Design, Fine Art and Fashion Illustration.  Now,  I am a creator of Styles By Design and I will put all my skills to work for you. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with the skills to do what I love and to share my passion for art and design with all of you. 

My Tools


  As a fashion designer and fine artist I work with and utilize a lot of different tools. 

But when I am designing on the fly, my favorite tools are my smart phone, tablet and sketch book.  You never know when inspiration will strike. 

My Inspiration


LIFE is my greatest inspiration…Going to the museum, art show exhibits, walking in the city, going to the park, visiting department stores, shopping  and people watching.  But most important is just being out in nature can get my imagination and creative juices flowing. 


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