Fashion Made Personal

Welcome to my design room portfolio page. My name is Tamara and I am an artist, fashion designer, creative designer and fashion photographer.   I believe that creativity is limited only by your imagination and I thank GOD I have a great imagination for art and design.

Fashion is always changing and yet it stays the same.  Creativity, style and design... these are the words that are used to define us in the world of fashion and design industry.  A designer and an artist have two things in common, they must think outside the box in order to create something new and original; this is something that I am able to do and it comes naturally to me and I believe it shows in my presentation of work.

​Fashion design is not just a thing I do, it's something I enjoy!  It is also who I am ... "A Creator of Styles by Design" 

As an artist & designer, I am able to create marketable designs for men, women & kids, in a variety of categories stemming from ready to wear, sportswear, outerwear and now active and athleisure which is becoming a growing passion and love, as you can see from my personal kids yoga and activewear designs.  


Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to working with you.  What ever the project, you can be sure I will put all my skills to work for you.